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Dear guests, Nomadic origin of Osmans, who has on area of today's Turkey reigned since end of 14.century to beginning of 20.century, has conditioned a specific way of preparing food. Among most known culinaric rests of this period is kebap, the meat, roasted on an open fire and burek and other kinds of pies, which were also baken on free.Indispensable part of turkish food are also fresh cheese and a yoghurt, which is being served as a drink or as a supplement to main meals or basis for greases. Favourable climatic conditions in mediterranean and black-see part of Turkey has contributed to variegated vegetable food. Many meals are prepared of eggplants, pumpkins or tomatoes and other vegetable, supplemented with rice or other kinds of cereals. .
Restaurants Yildiz han, that were opened in Ljubljana by the wedded pair Bakirkaya, are bringing in slowenian region a part of turkish culture.

Turkish cooks prepare rich choice of specialities fromdifferent turkish regions. The personell leads guests with traditional turkish hospitality and they supplement popular meals often with the new one.

In an authentical turkish environment a meal can continue in relaxed joining by smoking fruit tobaccos in a water pipe and in oriental evenings with belly dancers, whom guests can also join in exotic rhythms of theorient.

The interier of restaurants has by the research of turkish culture in Wand NW part of Turkey designed Robert Drev in an cooperation with Metod Črešnar...




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